Faith Lightspeed

First Impressions

First and foremost Faith Lightspeed is a redhead and right off the bat that separates her from most of her fellow teen models. On top of that she has the light skin that many redheads possess, especially when she takes her top off and shows us her lovely breasts. They’re incredibly soft looking and I for one would like to see more. Faith also seems to have an affinity for girls, as evidenced by the make out pictures all over the tour. They do have two preview videos, but they’re so tiny it’s a joke. You can’t see anything!

Hot Promises

Faith is cute, innocent and 100% natural. She has lovely B cup breasts and a beautiful smile that you’ll see in picture galleries and videos. They promise lots of solo content and a fair amount of girl-girl action. All the content is exclusive and they advertise weekly updates, although don’t count on that. They make a big deal of Faith’s lesbian side on the tour, even going so far as to tell a short story about how she discovered her desire for women. It’s a nice tale and if it pays off in the member’s area we’ll all be thankful.


When you log in you’ll see a list of the top ten most popular content sets at Faith Lightspeed. At the top of the list is a video named “5 Way Orgy,” and from the name alone it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. I couldn’t ignore something like that so my first visit was to the orgy video’s download page. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much out of Faith’s lesbian content. More often than not when teen babes do lesbian pictures and videos it’s nothing more than girls getting naked together and occasionally groping each other.

This was something entirely different. The girls did indeed get naked together but they didn’t stop there; it was only just the beginning in fact. The fun began with surprisingly passionate kissing with lots of tongue involved. Once they were totally naked they moved on to each other’s tits, licking and sucking nipple as if their lives depended on it. Finally it was time to pay attention to the pussy, and it was in those moments that I came to believe every word Faith said on her tour about her love of women.

That was my intro to Faith Lightspeed and although it seems like it would be all downhill from that point I found that there wasn’t a dull moment. The content is divided into three sections: solo pictures, girl-girl pictures and videos. There are 50 solo picture galleries and although they supposedly make weekly updates that’s not actually the case. What they do is recycle the old content, pulling it from the bottom of the list and putting it at the top. Technically they’re updating the site in that they’re refreshing things but there is no newly shot content coming into these sites.

Faith is a youthful cutie and her solo picture galleries reflect that. Each has 50-100 thumbnailed pictures spread out over two pages and in general she does the cute teen thing. She poses in tank tops, sweaters and sweatshirts and most often can be found wearing pastels. She’s always smiling and they never go overboard with makeup or super sexy poses. In essence, Faith is doing what she does best: looking cute and beautiful.

She gets fully naked in each gallery, baring her pussy for the camera and sometimes going so far as to finger herself. She’s almost always smiling, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from teen models and that’s what they look best doing. My favorite gallery features Faith in a white turtleneck sweater. She’s not wearing a bra underneath and the sweater is soft and fuzzy. The combined effect is powerful.

Faith Lightspeed also has 50 girl-girl galleries for us. They’re not quite as naughty as the video I talked about, but that’s because by their very nature photos are posed. If not you get blurriness and that wrecks the quality. Still, the girl on girl action is hot in the still images; how could it not be with such a beautiful girl involved? Faith poses with other girls from the Lightspeed network and most of the galleries featuring at least three participants. In some cases they bring in five or six babes to really spice things up.

The girl-girl galleries have 75-125 photos on average and they’re laid out in the same way as the solo babes. The images are high resolution and the composition is flawless. Whoever is behind the camera has had a wealth of experience. I enjoy watching the girls kiss more than anything and when the image captures two tongues intertwining in an erotic dance it’s the height of arousal.

There are 31 video clips provided by Faith, including the “5 Way Orgy” that I already mentioned. The clips are divided evenly between solo and lesbian scenes and my only complaint is that I wish there were more. The solo scenes are usually stripteases where Faith gets down to nothing in an attempt to arouse you. Sometimes she plays with herself a little but it’s rare. Most of the lesbian scenes are bolder, with the girls happily making out and licking, fingering and sucking various body parts. Each video can be downloaded in one of five formats: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. The max resolution is 480x360, which is another minor disappointment.

You’re given two options when signing up for Faith Lightspeed. The first is $34.95 for 30 days access to 10 sites in the Lightspeed network. You can pick any ten you’d like. If you pay $5 more you get access to the entire network, which is a pretty great deal. However, I still think it’s too expensive as people simply aren’t used to spending that much money for a porn membership. They should knock $5 off the price of each and they’d get more signups. Membership to ten sites is enough to last you several bountiful months, perhaps longer. If you spring for the entire network you’ll never run out of teen content.

Croco’s Opinion

Faith Lightspeed is a beautiful redhead with a hot body. She’s 19 years old and she looks her age, which means lots of cute pictures where she poses in tanks tops and sweaters and jeans and skirts. The solo content is nice but if you ask me the real reason to join is to see the lesbian action. Watching Faith go down on a chick while another chick goes down on her is remarkable and unmatched at most adult sites. That’s reason enough to research a membership and the bonus content is also compelling. It’s still a little expensive though.


The design is dead simple and as such there are no navigation problems.

Pricing Policy

It’s $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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